Corrected and completed the symbols widget.

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:12:31 +0200

Detlev Offenbach <>
Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:12:31 +0200
changeset 1817
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Corrected and completed the symbols widget.

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--- a/UI/	Sat Apr 28 16:10:59 2012 +0200
+++ b/UI/	Sat Apr 28 16:12:31 2012 +0200
@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@
             (0x0,    0x1f,   self.trUtf8("Control Characters")),
             (0x20,   0x7f,   self.trUtf8("Basic Latin")),
             (0x80,   0x100,  self.trUtf8("Latin-1 Supplement")),
-            (0x100,  0x180,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extendet A")),
-            (0x180,  0x24f,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extendet B")),
+            (0x100,  0x180,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extended A")),
+            (0x180,  0x24f,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extended B")),
             (0x250,  0x2af,  self.trUtf8("IPA Extensions")),
             (0x2b0,  0x2ff,  self.trUtf8("Spacing Modifier Letters")),
             (0x300,  0x36f,  self.trUtf8("Combining Diacritical Marks")),
@@ -99,21 +99,22 @@
             (0x2150, 0x218f, self.trUtf8("Number Forms")),
             (0x2190, 0x21ff, self.trUtf8("Arcolumns")),
             (0x2200, 0x22ff, self.trUtf8("Mathematical Operators")),
-            (0x2300, 0x23ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Technical")),
+            (0x2300, 0x23ff, self.trUtf8("Miscellaneous Technical")),
             (0x2400, 0x243f, self.trUtf8("Control Pictures")),
             (0x2440, 0x245f, self.trUtf8("Optical Character Recognition")),
             (0x2460, 0x24ff, self.trUtf8("Enclosed Alphanumerics")),
             (0x2500, 0x257f, self.trUtf8("Box Drawing")),
             (0x2580, 0x259f, self.trUtf8("Block Elements")),
-            (0x2600, 0x26ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Symbols")),
+            (0x25A0, 0x25ff, self.trUtf8("Geometric Shapes")),
+            (0x2600, 0x26ff, self.trUtf8("Miscellaneous Symbols")),
             (0x2700, 0x27bf, self.trUtf8("Dingbats")),
-            (0x27c0, 0x27ef, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Mathematical Symbols-A")),
+            (0x27c0, 0x27ef, self.trUtf8("Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A")),
             (0x27f0, 0x27ff, self.trUtf8("Supplement Arcolumns-A")),
             (0x2800, 0x28ff, self.trUtf8("Braille Patterns")),
             (0x2900, 0x297f, self.trUtf8("Supplement Arcolumns-B")),
-            (0x2980, 0x29ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Mathematical Symbols-B")),
+            (0x2980, 0x29ff, self.trUtf8("Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B")),
             (0x2a00, 0x2aff, self.trUtf8("Supplemental Mathematical Operators")),
-            (0x2b00, 0x2bff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Symbols and Arcolumns")),
+            (0x2b00, 0x2bff, self.trUtf8("Miscellaneous Symbols and Arcolumns")),
             (0x2e80, 0x2eff, self.trUtf8("CJK Radicals Supplement")),
             (0x2f00, 0x2fdf, self.trUtf8("KangXi Radicals")),
             (0x2ff0, 0x2fff, self.trUtf8("Ideographic Description Chars")),
@@ -133,7 +134,10 @@
             (0xa000, 0xa48f, self.trUtf8("Yi Syllables")),
             (0xa490, 0xa4cf, self.trUtf8("Yi Radicals")),
             (0xac00, 0xd7a3, self.trUtf8("Hangul Syllables")),
-            (0xe000, 0xf8ff, self.trUtf8("Private Use Area")),
+            (0xd800, 0xdb7f, self.trUtf8("High Surrogates")),
+            (0xdb80, 0xdbff, self.trUtf8("High Private Use Surrogates")),
+            (0xdc00, 0xdfff, self.trUtf8("Low Surrogates")),
+            (0xe000, 0xf8ff, self.trUtf8("Private Use")),
             (0xf900, 0xfaff, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatibility Ideographs")),
             (0xfb00, 0xfb4f, self.trUtf8("Alphabetic Presentation Forms")),
             (0xfb50, 0xfdff, self.trUtf8("Arabic Presentation Forms-A")),
@@ -141,9 +145,19 @@
             (0xfe20, 0xfe2f, self.trUtf8("Combining Half Marks")),
             (0xfe30, 0xfe4f, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatibility Forms")),
             (0xfe50, 0xfe6f, self.trUtf8("Small Form Variants")),
-            (0xfe70, 0xfeff, self.trUtf8("Arabic Presentation Forms-B")),
+            (0xfe70, 0xfefe, self.trUtf8("Arabic Presentation Forms-B")),
+            (0xfeff, 0xfeff, self.trUtf8("Specials")),
             (0xff00, 0xffef, self.trUtf8("Half- and Fullwidth Forms")),
             (0xfff0, 0xffff, self.trUtf8("Specials")),
+            (0x10300, 0x1032f, self.trUtf8("Old Italic")),
+            (0x10330, 0x1034f, self.trUtf8("Gothic")),
+            (0x10400, 0x1044f, self.trUtf8("Deseret")),
+            (0x1d000, 0x1d0ff, self.trUtf8("Byzantine Musical Symbols")),
+            (0x1d100, 0x1d1ff, self.trUtf8("Musical Symbols")),
+            (0x1d400, 0x1d7ff, self.trUtf8("Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols")),
+            (0x20000, 0x2a6d6, self.trUtf8("CJK Unified Ideogr. Ext. B")),
+            (0x2f800, 0x2fa1f, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatapility Ideogr. Suppl.")),
+            (0xe0000, 0xe007f, self.trUtf8("Tags")),
         self.__currentTableIndex = 0

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