Implemented the "Show Coverage" functionality and corrected the coverage related code in UnittestRunner. unittest tip

Merged with branch 'eric7'. unittest

Wizards eric7

Enhanced the Jedi based refactoring interface by ensuring, that all open editors are saved first. eric7

Performed some refactoring to avoid possible name clashes on case-insensitive systems. unittest

Integrated the new testing widget into the eric IDE (compared to as a standalone app) and implemented the 'Show Source' functionality. unittest

Implemented the "Rerun Failed" functionality for the new unit test interface. unittest

Corrected the code dealing with subtests. unittest

Implemented most of the 'unittest' executor and runner. unittest

Merged with branch 'eric7'. unittest

Fixed a typo in a message of the Conda package. unittest

Implemented the basic functionality of the new unit test framework. unittest

Fixed an issue in the PyPI search function caused by a change of the PyPI web site. eric7

Added classes to realize a JSON based stream between two processes. unittest

Added a few more API calls to the Project object to unittest

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