Revision <7140> closed. micropython

Merged with the 'micropython' branch to add widgets to support development for embedded controllers with MicroPython (ESP8266/ESP32, CircuitPython and BBC micro:bit).

Typo corretion in the Incoming process of HgLogBrowserDialog. fixed an issue causing installation to fail in certain situations on macOS.

MicroPythonWidget: added menu entries to cross compile a selectable Python file or the current editor to a .mpy file. micropython

Fixed some code style issues. micropython

CircuitPythonDevices: added capability to install library files onto the device to the device menu. micropython

MicroPythonFileManagerWidget: added option to show hidden files to the local and device files list context menu. micropython

MicroPythonCommandsInterface: finished testing. micropython

MicroPython: added an option to synchronize the device time to the host time after connecting the serial port. micropython

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