DebugServer: fixed a situation where the underlying C++ object of DebugServer gets deleted prematurely.

DebugClientBase: fixed an issue related to the Python scoping rules. Needed to emulate it in the debugger backend.

LexerPygments: fixed the settings handling of the Pygments based lexer.

E5errorMessage: changed the code logic to always apply a default filter set, which is not editable.

Merged with Spanish translations update.

Eric 6 Spanish I18n update for default branch.

NotificationWidget: changed code to prevent a potential exception when the user clicks the widget.

Created global tag <release-21.03>. maintenance

Pip Interface

Changed code to not use QComboBox.activated[str] and QComboBoc.highlighted[str] signals but the int variants instead.

(0) -3000 -1000 -300 -100 -10 +10 +100 +300 +1000 tip

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