Debugger UI: added code to show a notification when a new debug client has been connected. multi_processing

SubprocessExtension: removed some obsolete code. multi_processing

Debugger: removed the 'fork' options for the Run and Debug start options because they are obsolete. multi_processing

MultiProcessDebugExtension: commented out the support for os.exec, os.spawn and os.posix_spawn. multi_processing

Python debug client: added the multi process extension for the process creation functions in the 'os', '_posixsubprocess' and Windows '_subprocess' or '_winapi' modules. multi_processing

Added some more process creation function overrides. multi_processing

DebugClientBase: fixed an issue with a client ending. multi_processing

Commented a debug print() statement. multi_processing

DebugClientBase: delete some obsolete code. multi_processing

DebuggerInterfaceNone: adjusted the method signatures to the ones of the Python debugger interface. multi_processing

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