EditorHighlightingStylesPage: added support for sub-styles and adjusted code to today's Qt. sub_styles

SubStyledLexer: corrected some issues. sub_styles

Corrected the SubstyledLexer.hasSubStyle() method to SubstyledLexer.hasSubstyle() to be consistent. sub_styles

HighlightingSzylesReader, -Writer: added TODO markers to extend them for sub-styles. sub_styles

SubstyledLexer: almost completed it. sub_styles

SubstyledLexer: continued implementing the getter and setter methods. sub_styles

PreferencesLexer, EditorHighlightingPage: got rid of the 'styles' and 'ind2style' lists (that was very old style programming). sub_styles

PreferencesLexer: started to prepare it for handling of sub-style aware lexers. sub_styles

Printer: corrected the module source docu. sub_styles

LexerPygments: fixed an issue causing it to return the wrong language if one was set specifically. sub_styles

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