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Package implementing the project management module of eric5.
The project management module consists of the main part, which is
used for reading and writing of eric4 and eric5 project files (*.e4p)
and for performing all operations on the project. It is accompanied by 
various UI related modules implementing different dialogs and a tabbed 
tree browser for the display of files belonging to the current project
as well as the project model related modules.

<td><a href="eric5.Project.AddDirectoryDialog.html">AddDirectoryDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to add files of a directory to the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.AddFileDialog.html">AddFileDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to add a file to the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.AddFoundFilesDialog.html">AddFoundFilesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to show the found files to the user.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.AddLanguageDialog.html">AddLanguageDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to add a new language to the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.CreateDialogCodeDialog.html">CreateDialogCodeDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to generate code for a Qt4 dialog.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.DebuggerPropertiesDialog.html">DebuggerPropertiesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog for entering project specific debugger settings.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.FiletypeAssociationDialog.html">FiletypeAssociationDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to enter filetype associations for the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.LexerAssociationDialog.html">LexerAssociationDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to enter lexer associations for the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.NewDialogClassDialog.html">NewDialogClassDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to enter the data for a new dialog class file.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.NewPythonPackageDialog.html">NewPythonPackageDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to add a new Python package.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.Project.html">Project</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the project management functionality.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectBaseBrowser.html">ProjectBaseBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the baseclass for the various project browsers.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectBrowser.html">ProjectBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the project browser part of the eric5 UI.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectBrowserFlags.html">ProjectBrowserFlags</a></td>
<td>Module defining the project browser flags.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectBrowserModel.html">ProjectBrowserModel</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the browser model.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectBrowserSortFilterProxyModel.html">ProjectBrowserSortFilterProxyModel</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the browser sort filter proxy model.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectFormsBrowser.html">ProjectFormsBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a class used to display the forms part of the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectInterfacesBrowser.html">ProjectInterfacesBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the a class used to display the interfaces (IDL) part of the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectOthersBrowser.html">ProjectOthersBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a class used to display the parts of the project, that don't fit the other categories.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectResourcesBrowser.html">ProjectResourcesBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a class used to display the resources part of the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectSourcesBrowser.html">ProjectSourcesBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a class used to display the Sources part of the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.ProjectTranslationsBrowser.html">ProjectTranslationsBrowser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a class used to display the translations part of the project.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.PropertiesDialog.html">PropertiesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the project properties dialog.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.SpellingPropertiesDialog.html">SpellingPropertiesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the Spelling Properties dialog.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.TranslationPropertiesDialog.html">TranslationPropertiesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the Translations Properties dialog.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.Project.UserPropertiesDialog.html">UserPropertiesDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the user specific project properties dialog.</td>

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