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Corrected a typo in the changelog file.

Change Log
Version 22.5:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- added configuration options to disable the embedded "Find/Replace In
     Files" and "Find File" tools and use dialog based variants instead
- Mercurial Interface
  -- added capability to enter a revset expression when defining a revision
     to operate on
- pip Interface
  -- added the capability to save the licenses overview as a CSV file

Version 22.4:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- added capability to upgrade PyQt packages eric depends on from within eric
  -- added capability to upgrade eric from within eric
- pip Interface
  -- added a vulnerability check for installed packages based on "Safety DB"
  -- added a widget to show a package dependency tree
  -- added a button to search for more packages (i.e. one more page of results)
- Third Party packages
  -- upgraded coverage to 6.3.2
  -- upgraded mccabe to version 0.7.0

Version 22.3:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- performance improvements
  -- added a '' script to allow starting eric7 with
     'python3 -m eric7'
- MicroPython
  -- enhanced support for ESP32 devices
  -- updated the list of known UF2 capable boards

Version 22.2:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- dropped support for Python 3.6 because that is end-of-life
- File Browser
  -- added capability to open SVG files in the text editor
- Help Viewer
  -- added bookmarks to the internal help viewer
- MicroPython
  -- updated the list of known CircuitPython boards
  -- updated the list of known UF2 capable boards
  -- added support for ESP32-C3, ESP32-S2 and ESP32-S3 chips
  -- added a dialog to show information for a connected board
- Project Browser
  -- added capability to open SVG files in the text editor to the Project
     Others Browser
- Styles and Themes
  -- added a dark blueish style (QSS and Highlighters) and an associated theme
     (dark_blue.ethj and dark_blue_with_stylesheet.ethj)
- Third Party packages
  -- upgraded coverage to 6.2.0

Version 22.1.1:
- bug fix

Version 22.1:
- bug fixes
- Code Style Checker
  -- added a checker for various import statement topics
- Color Themes
  -- added capability to import and export ALL colors
- Mini Editor
  -- added configuration capability
- QSS Previewer
  -- added disabled widgets in order to show their colors as well
- Styles and Themes
  -- added a dark greenish style (QSS and Highlighters) and an associated theme
     (dark_green.ethj and dark_green_with_stylesheet.ethj)

Version 21.12:
- bug fixes
- first release of eric7 (i.e. the PyQt6 port of eric6)
- General
  -- rearranged the interface and modernized the sidebars layout
  -- integrated some dialogs into the sidebars
- Debugger
  -- added code to remember the list of recently used breakpoint conditions
     in the editor and the breakpoint viewer
  -- added code to enter the script to be run/debugged/... in the start dialog
- Editor
  -- added the capability to suppress syntax highlighting by associating
     the file type 'Text'
  -- added code to move a breakpoint to a line actually creating some byte code
     (Python only)
  -- added mouse button capability to perform undo/redo actions (Extra
     Buttons 1 and 2)
  -- added support for 'multi cursor editing' (additional cursors with
     Meta+Alt+Left Click, Esc to end it)
- Find In Files
  -- integrated the dialog into the right sidebar
- Help Viewer
  -- added an internal help viewer based on QTextBrowser or QWebEngine
- Jedi
  -- integrated the Assistant Jedi plugin as a fixed part of eric
  -- added code to jump to references when clicked on a definition
  -- added support for mouse hover help
  -- added support for simple refactorings to the editor context menu
- Plugin Repository
  -- added an integrated plugin repository viewer (right side)
- Plugin Uninstall Dialog
  -- added capability to uninstall several plugins with one invocation of the
- Project
  -- added a 'Start' context sub menu to the project sources browser
- Shell
  -- added capability to save the contents of the shell window into a file
- Unit Test
  -- added capability to remember the most recently used test data
- Viewmanager
  -- added a 'Start' sub menu to the tabview and listspace view managers
     context menu
- Virtual Environments
  -- integrated the Virtual Environments Manager window into the right side bar
  -- added a standalone variant of the Virtual Environments Manager
- Third Party packages
  -- upgraded coverage to 6.1.2
  -- upgraded pycodestyle to version 2.8.0
  -- upgraded mccabe to version 0.6.1
  -- upgraded pyflakes to version 2.4.0

Version 21.11:
- bug fixes
- last formal eric6 release

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