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Detlev Offenbach <>
Sat, 05 Jul 2014 14:01:04 +0200
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Raised the plug-in version number to match that of eric.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright (c) 2007 - 2014 Detlev Offenbach <>

Module implementing the PySvn version control plugin.

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import os

from PyQt5.QtCore import QObject, QCoreApplication

from E5Gui.E5Application import e5App

import Preferences
from Preferences.Shortcuts import readShortcuts

from VcsPlugins.vcsPySvn.SvnUtilities import getConfigPath, getServersPath

# Start-Of-Header
name = "PySvn Plugin"
author = "Detlev Offenbach <>"
autoactivate = False
deactivateable = True
version = "6.0.0"
pluginType = "version_control"
pluginTypename = "PySvn"
className = "VcsPySvnPlugin"
packageName = "__core__"
shortDescription = "Implements the PySvn version control interface."
longDescription = \
    """This plugin provides the PySvn version control interface."""
pyqtApi = 2
python2Compatible = True
# End-Of-Header

error = ""

def exeDisplayData():
    Public method to support the display of some executable info.
    @return dictionary containing the data to be shown
        import pysvn
            text = os.path.dirname(pysvn.__file__)
        except AttributeError:
            text = "PySvn"
        version = ".".join([str(v) for v in pysvn.version])
    except ImportError:
        text = "PySvn"
        version = ""
    data = {
        "programEntry": False,
        "header": QCoreApplication.translate(
            "VcsPySvnPlugin", "Version Control - Subversion (pysvn)"),
        "text": text,
        "version": version,
    return data

def getVcsSystemIndicator():
    Public function to get the indicators for this version control system.
    @return dictionary with indicator as key and a tuple with the vcs name
        (string) and vcs display string (string)
    global pluginTypename
    data = {}
    data[".svn"] = (pluginTypename, displayString())
    data["_svn"] = (pluginTypename, displayString())
    return data

def displayString():
    Public function to get the display string.
    @return display string (string)
        import pysvn        # __IGNORE_WARNING__
        return QCoreApplication.translate('VcsPySvnPlugin',
                                          'Subversion (pysvn)')
    except ImportError:
        return ""

subversionCfgPluginObject = None

def createConfigurationPage(configDlg):
    Module function to create the configuration page.
    @param configDlg reference to the configuration dialog (QDialog)
    @return reference to the configuration page
    global subversionCfgPluginObject
    from VcsPlugins.vcsPySvn.ConfigurationPage.SubversionPage import \
    if subversionCfgPluginObject is None:
        subversionCfgPluginObject = VcsPySvnPlugin(None)
    page = SubversionPage(subversionCfgPluginObject)
    return page

def getConfigData():
    Module function returning data as required by the configuration dialog.
    @return dictionary with key "zzz_subversionPage" containing the relevant
    return {
        [QCoreApplication.translate("VcsPySvnPlugin", "Subversion"),
         os.path.join("VcsPlugins", "vcsPySvn", "icons",
         createConfigurationPage, "vcsPage", None],

def prepareUninstall():
    Module function to prepare for an uninstallation.
    if not e5App().getObject("PluginManager").isPluginLoaded(

class VcsPySvnPlugin(QObject):
    Class implementing the PySvn version control plugin.
    def __init__(self, ui):
        @param ui reference to the user interface object (UI.UserInterface)
        super(VcsPySvnPlugin, self).__init__(ui)
        self.__ui = ui
        self.__subversionDefaults = {
            "StopLogOnCopy": 1,
            "LogLimit": 20,
            "CommitMessages": 20,
        from VcsPlugins.vcsPySvn.ProjectHelper import SvnProjectHelper
        self.__projectHelperObject = SvnProjectHelper(None, None)
                pluginTypename, self.__projectHelperObject, pluginType)
        except KeyError:
            pass    # ignore duplicate registration
    def getProjectHelper(self):
        Public method to get a reference to the project helper object.
        @return reference to the project helper object
        return self.__projectHelperObject

    def activate(self):
        Public method to activate this plugin.
        @return tuple of reference to instantiated viewmanager and
            activation status (boolean)
        from VcsPlugins.vcsPySvn.subversion import Subversion
        self.__object = Subversion(self, self.__ui)
        return self.__object, True
    def deactivate(self):
        Public method to deactivate this plugin.
        self.__object = None
    def getPreferences(self, key):
        Public method to retrieve the various settings.
        @param key the key of the value to get
        @return the requested refactoring setting
        if key in ["StopLogOnCopy"]:
            return Preferences.toBool(Preferences.Prefs.settings.value(
                "Subversion/" + key, self.__subversionDefaults[key]))
        elif key in ["LogLimit", "CommitMessages"]:
            return int(Preferences.Prefs.settings.value(
                "Subversion/" + key,
        elif key in ["Commits"]:
            return Preferences.toList(Preferences.Prefs.settings.value(
                "Subversion/" + key))
            return Preferences.Prefs.settings.value("Subversion/" + key)
    def setPreferences(self, key, value):
        Public method to store the various settings.
        @param key the key of the setting to be set
        @param value the value to be set
        Preferences.Prefs.settings.setValue("Subversion/" + key, value)
    def getServersPath(self):
        Public method to get the filename of the servers file.
        @return filename of the servers file (string)
        return getServersPath()
    def getConfigPath(self):
        Public method to get the filename of the config file.
        @return filename of the config file (string)
        return getConfigPath()
    def prepareUninstall(self):
        Public method to prepare for an uninstallation.

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