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Added the capability to preview HTML, Mardown and ReST files.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
body {
    background: #EDECE6;
    margin: 0em 1em 10em 1em;
    color: black;

h1 { color: white; background: #85774A; }
h2 { color: white; background: #85774A; }
h3 { color: white; background: #9D936E; }
h4 { color: white; background: #9D936E; }
a { color: #BA6D36; }

Package implementing the main user interface and general purpose dialogs.
This package contains the main user interface and some general purpose
dialogs as well as dialogs not fitting the other more specific categories.

<td><a href="eric5.UI.AuthenticationDialog.html">AuthenticationDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the authentication dialog for the help browser.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.Browser.html">Browser</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a browser with class browsing capabilities.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.BrowserModel.html">BrowserModel</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the browser model.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.BrowserSortFilterProxyModel.html">BrowserSortFilterProxyModel</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the browser sort filter proxy model.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.CompareDialog.html">CompareDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to compare two files and show the result side by side.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.Config.html">Config</a></td>
<td>Module defining common data to be used by all windows..</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.DeleteFilesConfirmationDialog.html">DeleteFilesConfirmationDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to confirm deletion of multiple files.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.DiffDialog.html">DiffDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to compare two files.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.EmailDialog.html">EmailDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to send bug reports.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.ErrorLogDialog.html">ErrorLogDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to display an error log.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.FindFileDialog.html">FindFileDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to search for text in files.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.FindFileNameDialog.html">FindFileNameDialog</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a dialog to search for files.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.Info.html">Info</a></td>
<td>Module defining some informational strings.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.LogView.html">LogView</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the log viewer widget and the log widget.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.NotificationWidget.html">NotificationWidget</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a Notification widget.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.NumbersWidget.html">NumbersWidget</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a widget to show numbers in different formats.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.PixmapCache.html">PixmapCache</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a pixmap cache for icons.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.Previewer.html">Previewer</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a previewer widget for HTML, Markdown and ReST files.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.SearchWidget.html">SearchWidget</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the search box for the shel, terminal and log viewer.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.SplashScreen.html">SplashScreen</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a splashscreen for eric5.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.SymbolsWidget.html">SymbolsWidget</a></td>
<td>Module implementing a widget to select a symbol in various formats.</td>
<td><a href="eric5.UI.UserInterface.html">UserInterface</a></td>
<td>Module implementing the main user interface.</td>

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