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Script changes: Future import added, super calls modified and unicode behavior for str.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Basic token types and the standard tokens.

    :copyright: Copyright 2006-2013 by the Pygments team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

from __future__ import unicode_literals    # __IGNORE_WARNING__

class _TokenType(tuple):
    parent = None

    def split(self):
        buf = []
        node = self
        while node is not None:
            node = node.parent
        return buf

    def __init__(self, *args):
        # no need to call super.__init__
        self.subtypes = set()

    def __contains__(self, val):
        return self is val or (
            type(val) is self.__class__ and
            val[:len(self)] == self

    def __getattr__(self, val):
        if not val or not val[0].isupper():
            return tuple.__getattribute__(self, val)
        new = _TokenType(self + (val,))
        setattr(self, val, new)
        new.parent = self
        return new

    def __repr__(self):
        return 'Token' + (self and '.' or '') + '.'.join(self)

Token       = _TokenType()

# Special token types
Text        = Token.Text
Whitespace  = Text.Whitespace
Error       = Token.Error
# Text that doesn't belong to this lexer (e.g. HTML in PHP)
Other       = Token.Other

# Common token types for source code
Keyword     = Token.Keyword
Name        = Token.Name
Literal     = Token.Literal
String      = Literal.String
Number      = Literal.Number
Punctuation = Token.Punctuation
Operator    = Token.Operator
Comment     = Token.Comment

# Generic types for non-source code
Generic     = Token.Generic

# String and some others are not direct childs of Token.
# alias them:
Token.Token = Token
Token.String = String
Token.Number = Number

def is_token_subtype(ttype, other):
    Return True if ``ttype`` is a subtype of ``other``.

    exists for backwards compatibility. use ``ttype in other`` now.
    return ttype in other

def string_to_tokentype(s):
    Convert a string into a token type::

        >>> string_to_token('String.Double')
        >>> string_to_token('Token.Literal.Number')
        >>> string_to_token('')

    Tokens that are already tokens are returned unchanged:

        >>> string_to_token(String)
    if isinstance(s, _TokenType):
        return s
    if not s:
        return Token
    node = Token
    for item in s.split('.'):
        node = getattr(node, item)
    return node

# Map standard token types to short names, used in CSS class naming.
# If you add a new item, please be sure to run this file to perform
# a consistency check for duplicate values.
    Token:                         '',

    Text:                          '',
    Whitespace:                    'w',
    Error:                         'err',
    Other:                         'x',

    Keyword:                       'k',
    Keyword.Constant:              'kc',
    Keyword.Declaration:           'kd',
    Keyword.Namespace:             'kn',
    Keyword.Pseudo:                'kp',
    Keyword.Reserved:              'kr',
    Keyword.Type:                  'kt',

    Name:                          'n',
    Name.Attribute:                'na',
    Name.Builtin:                  'nb',
    Name.Builtin.Pseudo:           'bp',
    Name.Class:                    'nc',
    Name.Constant:                 'no',
    Name.Decorator:                'nd',
    Name.Entity:                   'ni',
    Name.Exception:                'ne',
    Name.Function:                 'nf',
    Name.Property:                 'py',
    Name.Label:                    'nl',
    Name.Namespace:                'nn',
    Name.Other:                    'nx',
    Name.Tag:                      'nt',
    Name.Variable:                 'nv',
    Name.Variable.Class:           'vc',
    Name.Variable.Global:          'vg',
    Name.Variable.Instance:        'vi',

    Literal:                       'l',
    Literal.Date:                  'ld',

    String:                        's',
    String.Backtick:               'sb',
    String.Char:                   'sc',
    String.Doc:                    'sd',
    String.Double:                 's2',
    String.Escape:                 'se',
    String.Heredoc:                'sh',
    String.Interpol:               'si',
    String.Other:                  'sx',
    String.Regex:                  'sr',
    String.Single:                 's1',
    String.Symbol:                 'ss',

    Number:                        'm',
    Number.Float:                  'mf',
    Number.Hex:                    'mh',
    Number.Integer:                'mi',
    Number.Integer.Long:           'il',
    Number.Oct:                    'mo',

    Operator:                      'o',
    Operator.Word:                 'ow',

    Punctuation:                   'p',

    Comment:                       'c',
    Comment.Multiline:             'cm',
    Comment.Preproc:               'cp',
    Comment.Single:                'c1',
    Comment.Special:               'cs',

    Generic:                       'g',
    Generic.Deleted:               'gd',
    Generic.Emph:                  'ge',
    Generic.Error:                 'gr',
    Generic.Heading:               'gh',
    Generic.Inserted:              'gi',
    Generic.Output:                'go',
    Generic.Prompt:                'gp',
    Generic.Strong:                'gs',
    Generic.Subheading:            'gu',
    Generic.Traceback:             'gt',

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