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Detlev Offenbach <>
Sat, 10 Apr 2021 17:54:58 +0200
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Simplify Checker: fixed an issue in check 122.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright (c) 2021 Detlev Offenbach <>

Module implementing the checker for simplifying Python code.

import ast
import copy

from .SimplifyNodeVisitor import SimplifyNodeVisitor

class SimplifyChecker:
    Class implementing a checker for to help simplifying Python code.
    Codes = [
        # Python-specifics
        "Y101", "Y102", "Y103", "Y104", "Y105", "Y106", "Y107", "Y108",
        "Y109", "Y110", "Y111", "Y112", "Y113", "Y114", "Y115", "Y116",
        "Y117", "Y118", "Y119", "Y120", "Y121", "Y122",
        # Python-specifics not part of flake8-simplify
        "Y181", "Y182",
        # Comparations
        "Y201", "Y202", "Y203", "Y204", "Y205", "Y206", "Y207", "Y208",
        "Y211", "Y212", "Y213",
        "Y221", "Y222", "Y223", "Y224",
        # Opinionated
        # General Code Style
        "Y401", "Y402",
    def __init__(self, source, filename, tree, selected, ignored, expected,
        @param source source code to be checked
        @type list of str
        @param filename name of the source file
        @type str
        @param tree AST tree of the source code
        @type ast.Module
        @param selected list of selected codes
        @type list of str
        @param ignored list of codes to be ignored
        @type list of str
        @param expected list of expected codes
        @type list of str
        @param repeat flag indicating to report each occurrence of a code
        @type bool
        self.__select = tuple(selected)
        self.__ignore = ('',) if selected else tuple(ignored)
        self.__expected = expected[:]
        self.__repeat = repeat
        self.__filename = filename
        self.__source = source[:]
        self.__tree = copy.deepcopy(tree)
        # statistics counters
        self.counters = {}
        # collection of detected errors
        self.errors = []
        self.__checkCodes = (code for code in self.Codes
                             if not self.__ignoreCode(code))
    def __ignoreCode(self, code):
        Private method to check if the message code should be ignored.

        @param code message code to check for
        @type str
        @return flag indicating to ignore the given code
        @rtype bool
        return (code.startswith(self.__ignore) and
                not code.startswith(self.__select))
    def __error(self, lineNumber, offset, code, *args):
        Private method to record an issue.
        @param lineNumber line number of the issue
        @type int
        @param offset position within line of the issue
        @type int
        @param code message code
        @type str
        @param args arguments for the message
        @type list
        if self.__ignoreCode(code):
        if code in self.counters:
            self.counters[code] += 1
            self.counters[code] = 1
        # Don't care about expected codes
        if code in self.__expected:
        if code and (self.counters[code] == 1 or self.__repeat):
            # record the issue with one based line number
                    "file": self.__filename,
                    "line": lineNumber + 1,
                    "offset": offset,
                    "code": code,
                    "args": args,
    def run(self):
        Public method to check the given source against functions
        to be replaced by 'pathlib' equivalents.
        if not self.__filename:
            # don't do anything, if essential data is missing
        if not self.__checkCodes:
            # don't do anything, if no codes were selected
        # Add parent information
        for node in ast.walk(self.__tree):
            for child in ast.iter_child_nodes(node):
                child.parent = node  # type: ignore
        visitor = SimplifyNodeVisitor(self.__error)

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