Sun, 23 May 2010 11:12:31 +0200

Detlev Offenbach <>
Sun, 23 May 2010 11:12:31 +0200
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Preparing new snapshot release.

Change Log
Version 5.0-snapshot-20100523:
- bug fixes
- added code to save the editor zoom factor in the session file
- added code to configure the zoom factor a file is opened with
- added code to update the file browser window (mostly) automatically
- added code to update the Others tab of the project browser (mostly) automatically
- added a menu to the highlighting styles config page to change individual
  aspects of a font only
- changed code to improve development on multiple platforms
- added code to show the keyboard shortcut to the tooltip of an action
- changed the Find in Files dialog to remember the history of the search string,
  replace string and the search directory
- added code to enhance the proxy configuration and removed the usage of QHttp

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100508:
- bug fixes
- added administration actions to the Mercurial plug-in
- added changegroup related actions to the Mercurial plug-in
- added bisect commands to the Mercurial plug-in

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100418:
- bug fixes
- added plugin for Mercurial version control system

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100401:
- bug fixes
- added installation of a .desktop file for Linux systems
- added shared editor functions and a simple chat system

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100306:
- bug fixes
- added code to indicate directories and files being symbolic links
- extendend the predefined template variables by "project_path",
  "clipboard", "cur_select", "insertion", "select_start" and
- added the auto fork options to the run dialog
- added capability to change the keywords of a syntax highlighter

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100206:
- bug fixes
- added code to use the PYTHONPATH environment setting in the debuggers
- added my own Python3 port of pyflakes
- integrated py3flakes into syntax checker dialog and editor

Version 5.0-snapshot-20100116:
- first snapshot of eric5

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