Sun, 06 Mar 2016 12:06:16 +0100

Detlev Offenbach <>
Sun, 06 Mar 2016 12:06:16 +0100
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Prepared release 6.1.3.

Change Log
Version 6.1.3:
- bug fixes

Version 6.1.2:
- bug fixes

Version 6.1.1:
- bug fixes

Version 6.1.0:
- bug fixes

Version 6.1.0-RC1:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- added a configuration page to edit the list of mime types to
     be opened in an eric editor
  -- added the '--settings=' command line switch to store the
     settings files in a non-standard directory
- Checkers
  -- added a batch mode to the code style checker to make use of
     multiple CPUs/CPU-Cores
  -- added a batch mode to the syntax checker to make use of
     multiple CPUs/CPU-Cores
  -- added a batch mode to the indentation checker to make use of
     multiple CPUs/CPU-Cores
  -- added a code complexity checker iaw. McCabe to the code style
  -- added miscellaneous checks to the code style checker (coding
     comment, copyright, blind except, print statements, one element
     tuples, __future__ imports, old style string formats, string
     format strings)
- Debugger
  -- added signal handlers for the Python debug clients
- Editor
  -- added capability to configure the indentation guides colors
  -- added capability to ask multiple completion list and call-tip
  -- added support for mouse click handlers to be provided by plug-ins
  -- added the search markers to the marker map
  -- added capability to save a copy of the editor contents
  -- Lexers
     --- added support for the new C++ lexer properties (as of
         QScintilla V. 2.9.0)
- File Browser
  -- added capability to show imports of a Python script
- Log Viewer
  -- added a message filter including a configuration page
- Mini Editor
  -- added capability to save a copy of the editor contents
- Preferences Dialog
  -- changed the 'filter' function to a 'search' function disabling
     all entries, that don't contain the entered string
  -- changed the handling of the configuration page list entries
     to be collapsed on first show and remember the expanded ones
     while eric is running (but not between invocations)
- Previewers
  -- added capability to use 'Sphinx' to preview ReST files
- Project
  -- added functionality to reorganize the files automatically,
     when the project type or file type associations are changed
- Project Browser
  -- added capability to show imports of a Python script
- Source Code Documentor
  -- added tags to describe the type of parameters (@type, @ptype)
     and return values (@rtype)
- Task Viewer
  -- added capability to add sub-tasks (i.e. a task hierarchy) for
     manually generated tasks
- Tools
  -- Diff Dialog
     --- added capability to search in the output
- Version Control System Interfaces
  -- All
     --- added capability to search in the output of Diff dialogs
  -- Mercurial
     --- enhanced the log browser functionality by a search mode
     --- enhanced the log browser functionality by pull and push actions
     --- enhanced the status dialog functionality by a diff view
- Web Browser
  -- added support for HTML5 feature permissions
  -- improved parsing of the content disposition header analog to
     the way it is done in qutebrowser
  -- modified and extended the VirusTotal interface for the v2 API
  -- added our own web inspector window to overcome a Qt weekness
  -- added a manager for Flash Cookies
- Third Party packages
  -- updated coverage to 4.0
  -- updated Pygments to 2.0.2

Version 6.0.0:
- bug fixes
- Debugger
  -- added capability to show exceptions in the shell window

Version 6.0.0-RC1:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- added Portugese translations provided by Candido Fontes
  -- extended the code base to be usable with PyQt4 as well
- Multi Project
  -- changed multi project file format to contain relative paths to
     the contained project files
- Project Forms Browser
  -- added functionality to modify some form code creation options (see
     Qt configuration page)
- Web Browser
  -- added DuckDuckGo to the list of default search engines

Version 6.0-snapshot-20140720:
- bug fixes
- General
  -- ported from eric5 to be used with PyQt5
  -- changed the eric mascot to be a Python (i.e. the snake). New icons
     and pixmaps provided by Thimo Kraemer.
  -- changed the code to be executed with Python 2 as well (thanks to
     Tobias Rzepka)
  -- implemented a background service which execute Python2 and Python3 scripts
     in the background independent of the current interpreter
- Checkers
  -- updated pep8 to 1.5.6
  -- updated pyflakes to version 0.8.1 (Python 3.4.0 compatible)
  -- added syntax checker for JavaScript files
  -- added capability to check multiple files from the project sources browser
- Debugger
  -- updated coverage to 3.7.1
  -- enabled coverage info in Python2 projects
- Editor
  -- added a scrolling map like display showing all markers
  -- added a context menu entry to reload a file with a given encoding
  -- added a lexer for Qt style sheet files (when upgrading from older
     eric versions a change of the lexer association for *.qss files needs
     to be done via the configuration dialog)
  -- added support for the QScintilla Gettext lexer (QsciLexerPO) as of
     QScintilla 2.8.2
  -- added support for the QScintilla CoffeeScript lexer
     (QsciLexerCoffeeScript) as of QScintilla 2.8.3
- Multi Project
  -- added support for the categorisation of projects and changed the
     multi project file format
- Plugin Manager
  -- extended the plugin repository dialog to allow to hide unwanted entries
     and cleanup the plugin downloads area
  -- implemented the Python2 compatibility check for plug-ins (new boolean flag
- Project
  -- added support for JavaScript projects
  -- added code to move deleted files/directories to the recycle bin falling
     back to removing them (os.remove), if send2trash cannot be imported due
     to missing dependencies
- Version Control System Interfaces
  -- All
     --- made the status LED (right lower corner) clickable (depending on
         overall VCS status it will show the log browser or the status dialog)
  -- Mercurial
     --- enhanced the tag dialog and extended the log browser to allow
         tagging of a specific revision
     --- added dialogs to enter the contents for initial .hgrc/mercurial.ini
         and .hg/hgrc files
     --- added a configuration option to enforce the usage of the internal
         merge tool
     --- made availablity of push/pull related actions dependent on configured
         remote repository (default/default-push in .hg/hgrc)
     --- extended the log browser by an action to switch to the selected
     --- added support for the shelve extension (as of Mercurial 2.8)
     --- added support for the largefiles extension (as of Mercurial 2.0)
     --- added support for Mercurial queues summary
     --- added support for various 'resolve' subcommands
- Third Party packages
  -- updated CharDet to 2.2.1

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