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Updated Pygments to version 1.3.1.

Pygments changelog

Issue numbers refer to the tracker at

Version 1.4
(in development)

Version 1.3.1
(bugfix release, released Mar 05, 2010)

- The ``pygmentize`` script was missing from the distribution.

Version 1.3
(codename Schneeglöckchen, released Mar 01, 2010)

- Added the ``ensurenl`` lexer option, which can be used to suppress the
  automatic addition of a newline to the lexer input.

- Lexers added:

  * Ada
  * Coldfusion
  * Modula-2
  * haXe
  * R console
  * Objective-J
  * Haml and Sass
  * CoffeeScript

- Enhanced reStructuredText highlighting.

- Added support for PHP 5.3 namespaces in the PHP lexer.

- Added a bash completion script for `pygmentize`, to the external/
  directory (#466).

- Fixed a bug in `do_insertions()` used for multi-lexer languages.

- Fixed a Ruby regex highlighting bug (#476).

- Fixed regex highlighting bugs in Perl lexer (#258).

- Add small enhancements to the C lexer (#467) and Bash lexer (#469).

- Small fixes for the Tcl, Debian control file, Nginx config,
  Smalltalk, Objective-C, Clojure, Lua lexers.

- Gherkin lexer: Fixed single apostrophe bug and added new i18n keywords.

Version 1.2.2
(bugfix release, released Jan 02, 2010)

* Removed a backwards incompatibility in the LaTeX formatter that caused
  Sphinx to produce invalid commands when writing LaTeX output (#463).

* Fixed a forever-backtracking regex in the BashLexer (#462).

Version 1.2.1
(bugfix release, released Jan 02, 2010)

* Fixed mishandling of an ellipsis in place of the frames in a Python
  console traceback, resulting in clobbered output.

Version 1.2
(codename Neujahr, released Jan 01, 2010)

- Dropped Python 2.3 compatibility.

- Lexers added:

  * Asymptote
  * Go
  * Gherkin (Cucumber)
  * CMake
  * Ooc
  * Coldfusion
  * haXe
  * R console

- Added options for rendering LaTeX in source code comments in the
  LaTeX formatter (#461).

- Updated the Logtalk lexer.

- Added `line_number_start` option to image formatter (#456).

- Added `hl_lines` and `hl_color` options to image formatter (#457).

- Fixed the HtmlFormatter's handling of noclasses=True to not output any
  classes (#427).

- Added the Monokai style (#453).

- Fixed LLVM lexer identifier syntax and added new keywords (#442).

- Fixed the PythonTracebackLexer to handle non-traceback data in header or
  trailer, and support more partial tracebacks that start on line 2 (#437).

- Fixed the CLexer to not highlight ternary statements as labels.

- Fixed lexing of some Ruby quoting peculiarities (#460).

- A few ASM lexer fixes (#450).

Version 1.1.1
(bugfix release, released Sep 15, 2009)

- Fixed the BBCode lexer (#435).

- Added support for new Jinja2 keywords.

- Fixed test suite failures.

- Added Gentoo-specific suffixes to Bash lexer.

Version 1.1
(codename Brillouin, released Sep 11, 2009)

- Ported Pygments to Python 3.  This needed a few changes in the way
  encodings are handled; they may affect corner cases when used with
  Python 2 as well.

- Lexers added:

  * Antlr/Ragel, thanks to Ana Nelson
  * (Ba)sh shell
  * Erlang shell
  * GLSL
  * Prolog
  * Evoque
  * Modelica
  * Rebol
  * MXML
  * Cython
  * ABAP
  * (VB/C#)
  * Vala
  * Newspeak

- Fixed the LaTeX formatter's output so that output generated for one style
  can be used with the style definitions of another (#384).

- Added "anchorlinenos" and "noclobber_cssfile" (#396) options to HTML

- Support multiline strings in Lua lexer.

- Rewrite of the JavaScript lexer by Pumbaa80 to better support regular
  expression literals (#403).

- When pygmentize is asked to highlight a file for which multiple lexers
  match the filename, use the analyse_text guessing engine to determine the
  winner (#355).

- Fixed minor bugs in the JavaScript lexer (#383), the Matlab lexer (#378),
  the Scala lexer (#392), the INI lexer (#391), the Clojure lexer (#387)
  and the AS3 lexer (#389).

- Fixed three Perl heredoc lexing bugs (#379, #400, #422).

- Fixed a bug in the image formatter which misdetected lines (#380).

- Fixed bugs lexing extended Ruby strings and regexes.

- Fixed a bug when lexing git diffs.

- Fixed a bug lexing the empty commit in the PHP lexer (#405).

- Fixed a bug causing Python numbers to be mishighlighted as floats (#397).

- Fixed a bug when backslashes are used in odd locations in Python (#395).

- Fixed various bugs in Matlab and S-Plus lexers, thanks to Winston Chang (#410,
  #411, #413, #414) and fmarc (#419).

- Fixed a bug in Haskell single-line comment detection (#426).

- Added new-style reStructuredText directive for docutils 0.5+ (#428).

Version 1.0
(codename Dreiundzwanzig, released Nov 23, 2008)

- Don't use join(splitlines()) when converting newlines to ``\n``,
  because that doesn't keep all newlines at the end when the
  ``stripnl`` lexer option is False.

- Added ``-N`` option to command-line interface to get a lexer name
  for a given filename.

- Added Tango style, written by Andre Roberge for the Crunchy project.

- Added Python3TracebackLexer and ``python3`` option to 

- Fixed a few bugs in the Haskell lexer.

- Fixed PythonTracebackLexer to be able to recognize SyntaxError and
  KeyboardInterrupt (#360).

- Provide one formatter class per image format, so that surprises like::

    pygmentize -f gif -o foo.gif

  creating a PNG file are avoided.

- Actually use the `font_size` option of the image formatter.

- Fixed numpy lexer that it doesn't listen for `*.py` any longer.

- Fixed HTML formatter so that text options can be Unicode
  strings (#371).

- Unified Diff lexer supports the "udiff" alias now.

- Fixed a few issues in Scala lexer (#367).

- RubyConsoleLexer now supports simple prompt mode (#363).

- JavascriptLexer is smarter about what constitutes a regex (#356).

- Add Applescript lexer, thanks to Andreas Amann (#330).

- Make the codetags more strict about matching words (#368).

- NginxConfLexer is a little more accurate on mimetypes and
  variables (#370).

Version 0.11.1
(released Aug 24, 2008)

- Fixed a Jython compatibility issue in pygments.unistring (#358).

Version 0.11
(codename Straußenei, released Aug 23, 2008)

Many thanks go to Tim Hatch for writing or integrating most of the bug
fixes and new features.

- Lexers added:

  * Nasm-style assembly language, thanks to delroth
  * YAML, thanks to Kirill Simonov
  * ActionScript 3, thanks to Pierre Bourdon
  * Cheetah/Spitfire templates, thanks to Matt Good
  * Lighttpd config files
  * Nginx config files
  * Gnuplot plotting scripts
  * Clojure
  * POV-Ray scene files
  * Sqlite3 interactive console sessions
  * Scala source files, thanks to Krzysiek Goj

- Lexers improved:

  * C lexer highlights standard library functions now and supports C99
  * Bash lexer now correctly highlights heredocs without preceding
  * Vim lexer now highlights hex colors properly and knows a couple
    more keywords.
  * Irc logs lexer now handles xchat's default time format (#340) and
    correctly highlights lines ending in ``>``.
  * Support more delimiters for perl regular expressions (#258).
  * ObjectiveC lexer now supports 2.0 features.

- Added "Visual Studio" style.

- Updated markdown processor to Markdown 1.7.

- Support roman/sans/mono style defs and use them in the LaTeX

- The RawTokenFormatter is no longer registered to ``*.raw`` and it's
  documented that tokenization with this lexer may raise exceptions.

- New option ``hl_lines`` to HTML formatter, to highlight certain

- New option ``prestyles`` to HTML formatter.

- New option *-g* to pygmentize, to allow lexer guessing based on
  filetext (can be slowish, so file extensions are still checked

- ``guess_lexer()`` now makes its decision much faster due to a cache
  of whether data is xml-like (a check which is used in several
  versions of ``analyse_text()``.  Several lexers also have more
  accurate ``analyse_text()`` now.

Version 0.10
(codename Malzeug, released May 06, 2008)

- Lexers added:

  * Io
  * Smalltalk
  * Darcs patches
  * Tcl
  * Matlab
  * Matlab sessions
  * XSLT
  * tcsh
  * NumPy
  * Python 3
  * S, S-plus, R statistics languages
  * Logtalk

- In the LatexFormatter, the *commandprefix* option is now by default
  'PY' instead of 'C', since the latter resulted in several collisions
  with other packages.  Also, the special meaning of the *arg*
  argument to ``get_style_defs()`` was removed.

- Added ImageFormatter, to format code as PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP.
  (Needs the Python Imaging Library.)

- Support doc comments in the PHP lexer.

- Handle format specifications in the Perl lexer.

- Fix comment handling in the Batch lexer.

- Add more file name extensions for the C++, INI and XML lexers.

- Fixes in the IRC and MuPad lexers.

- Fix function and interface name highlighting in the Java lexer.

- Fix at-rule handling in the CSS lexer.

- Handle KeyboardInterrupts gracefully in pygmentize.

- Added BlackWhiteStyle.

- Bash lexer now correctly highlights math, does not require
  whitespace after semicolons, and correctly highlights boolean

- Makefile lexer is now capable of handling BSD and GNU make syntax.

Version 0.9
(codename Herbstzeitlose, released Oct 14, 2007)

- Lexers added:

  * Erlang
  * ActionScript
  * Literate Haskell
  * Common Lisp
  * Various assembly languages
  * Gettext catalogs
  * Squid configuration
  * Debian control files
  * MySQL-style SQL
  * MOOCode

- Lexers improved:

  * Greatly improved the Haskell and OCaml lexers.
  * Improved the Bash lexer's handling of nested constructs.
  * The C# and Java lexers exhibited abysmal performance with some
    input code; this should now be fixed.
  * The IRC logs lexer is now able to colorize weechat logs too.
  * The Lua lexer now recognizes multi-line comments.
  * Fixed bugs in the D and MiniD lexer.

- The encoding handling of the command line mode (pygmentize) was
  enhanced. You shouldn't get UnicodeErrors from it anymore if you
  don't give an encoding option.

- Added a ``-P`` option to the command line mode which can be used to
  give options whose values contain commas or equals signs.

- Added 256-color terminal formatter.

- Added an experimental SVG formatter.

- Added the ``lineanchors`` option to the HTML formatter, thanks to
  Ian Charnas for the idea.

- Gave the line numbers table a CSS class in the HTML formatter.

- Added a Vim 7-like style.

Version 0.8.1
(released Jun 27, 2007)

- Fixed POD highlighting in the Ruby lexer.

- Fixed Unicode class and namespace name highlighting in the C# lexer.

- Fixed Unicode string prefix highlighting in the Python lexer.

- Fixed a bug in the D and MiniD lexers.

- Fixed the included MoinMoin parser.

Version 0.8
(codename Maikäfer, released May 30, 2007)

- Lexers added:

  * Haskell, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop
  * Redcode, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop
  * D, thanks to Kirk McDonald
  * MuPad, thanks to Christopher Creutzig
  * MiniD, thanks to Jarrett Billingsley
  * Vim Script, by Tim Hatch

- The HTML formatter now has a second line-numbers mode in which it
  will just integrate the numbers in the same ``<pre>`` tag as the

- The `CSharpLexer` now is Unicode-aware, which means that it has an
  option that can be set so that it correctly lexes Unicode
  identifiers allowed by the C# specs.

- Added a `RaiseOnErrorTokenFilter` that raises an exception when the
  lexer generates an error token, and a `VisibleWhitespaceFilter` that
  converts whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines) into visible

- Fixed the `do_insertions()` helper function to yield correct

- The ReST lexer now automatically highlights source code blocks in
  ".. sourcecode:: language" and ".. code:: language" directive

- Improved the default style (thanks to Tiberius Teng). The old
  default is still available as the "emacs" style (which was an alias

- The `get_style_defs` method of HTML formatters now uses the
  `cssclass` option as the default selector if it was given.

- Improved the ReST and Bash lexers a bit.

- Fixed a few bugs in the Makefile and Bash lexers, thanks to Tim

- Fixed a bug in the command line code that disallowed ``-O`` options
  when using the ``-S`` option.

- Fixed a bug in the `RawTokenFormatter`.

Version 0.7.1
(released Feb 15, 2007)

- Fixed little highlighting bugs in the Python, Java, Scheme and
  Apache Config lexers.

- Updated the included manpage.

- Included a built version of the documentation in the source tarball.

Version 0.7
(codename Faschingskrapfn, released Feb 14, 2007)

- Added a MoinMoin parser that uses Pygments. With it, you get
  Pygments highlighting in Moin Wiki pages.

- Changed the exception raised if no suitable lexer, formatter etc. is
  found in one of the `get_*_by_*` functions to a custom exception,
  `pygments.util.ClassNotFound`. It is, however, a subclass of
  `ValueError` in order to retain backwards compatibility.

- Added a `-H` command line option which can be used to get the
  docstring of a lexer, formatter or filter.

- Made the handling of lexers and formatters more consistent. The
  aliases and filename patterns of formatters are now attributes on

- Added an OCaml lexer, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop.

- Made the HTML formatter more flexible, and easily subclassable in
  order to make it easy to implement custom wrappers, e.g. alternate
  line number markup. See the documentation.

- Added an `outencoding` option to all formatters, making it possible
  to override the `encoding` (which is used by lexers and formatters)
  when using the command line interface. Also, if using the terminal
  formatter and the output file is a terminal and has an encoding
  attribute, use it if no encoding is given.

- Made it possible to just drop style modules into the `styles`
  subpackage of the Pygments installation.

- Added a "state" keyword argument to the `using` helper.

- Added a `commandprefix` option to the `LatexFormatter` which allows
  to control how the command names are constructed.

- Added quite a few new lexers, thanks to Tim Hatch:

  * Java Server Pages
  * Windows batch files
  * Trac Wiki markup
  * Python tracebacks
  * ReStructuredText
  * Dylan
  * and the Befunge esoteric programming language (yay!)

- Added Mako lexers by Ben Bangert.

- Added "fruity" style, another dark background originally vim-based

- Added sources.list lexer by Dennis Kaarsemaker.

- Added token stream filters, and a pygmentize option to use them.

- Changed behavior of `in` Operator for tokens. 

- Added mimetypes for all lexers.

- Fixed some problems lexing Python strings.

- Fixed tickets: #167, #178, #179, #180, #185, #201.

Version 0.6
(codename Zimtstern, released Dec 20, 2006)

- Added option for the HTML formatter to write the CSS to an external
  file in "full document" mode.

- Added RTF formatter.

- Added Bash and Apache configuration lexers (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Improved guessing methods for various lexers.

- Added `@media` support to CSS lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Added a Groff lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- License change to BSD.

- Added lexers for the Myghty template language.

- Added a Scheme lexer (thanks to Marek Kubica).

- Added some functions to iterate over existing lexers, formatters and

- The HtmlFormatter's `get_style_defs()` can now take a list as an
  argument to generate CSS with multiple prefixes.

- Support for guessing input encoding added.

- Encoding support added: all processing is now done with Unicode
  strings, input and output are converted from and optionally to byte
  strings (see the ``encoding`` option of lexers and formatters).

- Some improvements in the C(++) lexers handling comments and line

Version 0.5.1
(released Oct 30, 2006)

- Fixed traceback in ``pygmentize -L`` (thanks to Piotr Ozarowski).

Version 0.5
(codename PyKleur, released Oct 30, 2006)

- Initial public release.

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