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Detlev Offenbach <detlev@die-offenbachs.de>
Wed, 02 Jan 2013 10:33:09 +0100
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Updated copyright for 2013.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright (c) 2010 - 2013 Detlev Offenbach <detlev@die-offenbachs.de>

Module implementing a widget to select a symbol in various formats.

import unicodedata
import html.entities

from PyQt4.QtCore import pyqtSlot, pyqtSignal, QAbstractTableModel, QModelIndex, Qt
from PyQt4.QtGui import QWidget, QHeaderView, QAbstractItemView, QColor, \

from .Ui_SymbolsWidget import Ui_SymbolsWidget

import UI.PixmapCache
import Preferences

class SymbolsModel(QAbstractTableModel):
    Class implementing the model for the symbols widget.
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        @param parent reference to the parent object (QObject)
        self.__headerData = [
        self.__tables = (
            # first   last     display name
            (0x0,    0x1f,   self.trUtf8("Control Characters")),
            (0x20,   0x7f,   self.trUtf8("Basic Latin")),
            (0x80,   0x100,  self.trUtf8("Latin-1 Supplement")),
            (0x100,  0x180,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extendet A")),
            (0x180,  0x24f,  self.trUtf8("Latin Extendet B")),
            (0x250,  0x2af,  self.trUtf8("IPA Extensions")),
            (0x2b0,  0x2ff,  self.trUtf8("Spacing Modifier Letters")),
            (0x300,  0x36f,  self.trUtf8("Combining Diacritical Marks")),
            (0x370,  0x3ff,  self.trUtf8("Greek and Coptic")),
            (0x400,  0x4ff,  self.trUtf8("Cyrillic")),
            (0x500,  0x52f,  self.trUtf8("Cyrillic Supplement")),
            (0x530,  0x58f,  self.trUtf8("Armenian")),
            (0x590,  0x5ff,  self.trUtf8("Hebrew")),
            (0x600,  0x6ff,  self.trUtf8("Arabic")),
            (0x700,  0x74f,  self.trUtf8("Syriac")),
            (0x780,  0x7bf,  self.trUtf8("Thaana")),
            (0x900,  0x97f,  self.trUtf8("Devanagari")),
            (0x980,  0x9ff,  self.trUtf8("Bengali")),
            (0xa00,  0xa7f,  self.trUtf8("Gurmukhi")),
            (0xa80,  0xaff,  self.trUtf8("Gujarati")),
            (0xb00,  0xb7f,  self.trUtf8("Oriya")),
            (0xb80,  0xbff,  self.trUtf8("Tamil")),
            (0xc00,  0xc7f,  self.trUtf8("Telugu")),
            (0xc80,  0xcff,  self.trUtf8("Kannada")),
            (0xd00,  0xd7f,  self.trUtf8("Malayalam")),
            (0xd80,  0xdff,  self.trUtf8("Sinhala")),
            (0xe00,  0xe7f,  self.trUtf8("Thai")),
            (0xe80,  0xeff,  self.trUtf8("Lao")),
            (0xf00,  0xfff,  self.trUtf8("Tibetan")),
            (0x1000, 0x109f, self.trUtf8("Myanmar")),
            (0x10a0, 0x10ff, self.trUtf8("Georgian")),
            (0x1100, 0x11ff, self.trUtf8("Hangul Jamo")),
            (0x1200, 0x137f, self.trUtf8("Ethiopic")),
            (0x13a0, 0x13ff, self.trUtf8("Cherokee")),
            (0x1400, 0x167f, self.trUtf8("Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics")),
            (0x1680, 0x169f, self.trUtf8("Ogham")),
            (0x16a0, 0x16ff, self.trUtf8("Runic")),
            (0x1700, 0x171f, self.trUtf8("Tagalog")),
            (0x1720, 0x173f, self.trUtf8("Hanunoo")),
            (0x1740, 0x175f, self.trUtf8("Buhid")),
            (0x1760, 0x177f, self.trUtf8("Tagbanwa")),
            (0x1780, 0x17ff, self.trUtf8("Khmer")),
            (0x1800, 0x18af, self.trUtf8("Mongolian")),
            (0x1900, 0x194f, self.trUtf8("Limbu")),
            (0x1950, 0x197f, self.trUtf8("Tai Le")),
            (0x19e0, 0x19ff, self.trUtf8("Khmer Symbols")),
            (0x1d00, 0x1d7f, self.trUtf8("Phonetic Extensions")),
            (0x1e00, 0x1eff, self.trUtf8("Latin Extended Additional")),
            (0x1f00, 0x1fff, self.trUtf8("Greek Extended")),
            (0x2000, 0x206f, self.trUtf8("General Punctuation")),
            (0x2070, 0x209f, self.trUtf8("Superscripts and Subscripts")),
            (0x20a0, 0x20cf, self.trUtf8("Currency Symbols")),
            (0x20d0, 0x20ff, self.trUtf8("Combining Diacritical Marks")),
            (0x2100, 0x214f, self.trUtf8("Letterlike Symbols")),
            (0x2150, 0x218f, self.trUtf8("Number Forms")),
            (0x2190, 0x21ff, self.trUtf8("Arcolumns")),
            (0x2200, 0x22ff, self.trUtf8("Mathematical Operators")),
            (0x2300, 0x23ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Technical")),
            (0x2400, 0x243f, self.trUtf8("Control Pictures")),
            (0x2440, 0x245f, self.trUtf8("Optical Character Recognition")),
            (0x2460, 0x24ff, self.trUtf8("Enclosed Alphanumerics")),
            (0x2500, 0x257f, self.trUtf8("Box Drawing")),
            (0x2580, 0x259f, self.trUtf8("Block Elements")),
            (0x2600, 0x26ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Symbols")),
            (0x2700, 0x27bf, self.trUtf8("Dingbats")),
            (0x27c0, 0x27ef, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Mathematical Symbols-A")),
            (0x27f0, 0x27ff, self.trUtf8("Supplement Arcolumns-A")),
            (0x2800, 0x28ff, self.trUtf8("Braille Patterns")),
            (0x2900, 0x297f, self.trUtf8("Supplement Arcolumns-B")),
            (0x2980, 0x29ff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Mathematical Symbols-B")),
            (0x2a00, 0x2aff, self.trUtf8("Supplemental Mathematical Operators")),
            (0x2b00, 0x2bff, self.trUtf8("Miscelaneous Symbols and Arcolumns")),
            (0x2e80, 0x2eff, self.trUtf8("CJK Radicals Supplement")),
            (0x2f00, 0x2fdf, self.trUtf8("KangXi Radicals")),
            (0x2ff0, 0x2fff, self.trUtf8("Ideographic Description Chars")),
            (0x3000, 0x303f, self.trUtf8("CJK Symbols and Punctuation")),
            (0x3040, 0x309f, self.trUtf8("Hiragana")),
            (0x30a0, 0x30ff, self.trUtf8("Katakana")),
            (0x3100, 0x312f, self.trUtf8("Bopomofo")),
            (0x3130, 0x318f, self.trUtf8("Hangul Compatibility Jamo")),
            (0x3190, 0x319f, self.trUtf8("Kanbun")),
            (0x31a0, 0x31bf, self.trUtf8("Bopomofo Extended")),
            (0x31f0, 0x31ff, self.trUtf8("Katakana Phonetic Extensions")),
            (0x3200, 0x32ff, self.trUtf8("Enclosed CJK Letters and Months")),
            (0x3300, 0x33ff, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatibility")),
            (0x3400, 0x4db5, self.trUtf8("CJK Unified Ideogr. Ext. A")),
            (0x4dc0, 0x4dff, self.trUtf8("Yijing Hexagram Symbols")),
            (0x4e00, 0x9fbb, self.trUtf8("CJK Unified Ideographs")),
            (0xa000, 0xa48f, self.trUtf8("Yi Syllables")),
            (0xa490, 0xa4cf, self.trUtf8("Yi Radicals")),
            (0xac00, 0xd7a3, self.trUtf8("Hangul Syllables")),
            (0xe000, 0xf8ff, self.trUtf8("Private Use Area")),
            (0xf900, 0xfaff, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatibility Ideographs")),
            (0xfb00, 0xfb4f, self.trUtf8("Alphabetic Presentation Forms")),
            (0xfb50, 0xfdff, self.trUtf8("Arabic Presentation Forms-A")),
            (0xfe00, 0xfe0f, self.trUtf8("Variation Selectors")),
            (0xfe20, 0xfe2f, self.trUtf8("Combining Half Marks")),
            (0xfe30, 0xfe4f, self.trUtf8("CJK Compatibility Forms")),
            (0xfe50, 0xfe6f, self.trUtf8("Small Form Variants")),
            (0xfe70, 0xfeff, self.trUtf8("Arabic Presentation Forms-B")),
            (0xff00, 0xffef, self.trUtf8("Half- and Fullwidth Forms")),
            (0xfff0, 0xffff, self.trUtf8("Specials")),
        self.__currentTableIndex = 0
    def getTableNames(self):
        Public method to get a list of table names.
        @return list of table names (list of strings)
        return [table[2] for table in self.__tables]
    def getTableBoundaries(self, index):
        Public method to get the first and last character position
        of the given table.
        @param index index of the character table (integer)
        @return first and last character position (integer, integer)
        return self.__tables[index][0], self.__tables[index][1]
    def getTableIndex(self):
        Private method to get the current table index.
        @return current table index (integer)
        return self.__currentTableIndex
    def selectTable(self, index):
        Public method to select the shown character table.
        @param index index of the character table (integer)
        self.__currentTableIndex = index
    def headerData(self, section, orientation, role=Qt.DisplayRole):
        Public method to get header data from the model.
        @param section section number (integer)
        @param orientation orientation (Qt.Orientation)
        @param role role of the data to retrieve (integer)
        @return requested data
        if orientation == Qt.Horizontal and role == Qt.DisplayRole:
            return self.__headerData[section]
        return QAbstractTableModel.headerData(self, section, orientation, role)
    def data(self, index, role=Qt.DisplayRole):
        Public method to get data from the model.
        @param index index to get data for (QModelIndex)
        @param role role of the data to retrieve (integer)
        @return requested data
        id = self.__tables[self.__currentTableIndex][0] + index.row()
        if role == Qt.DisplayRole:
            col = index.column()
            if col == 0:
                return str(id)
            elif col == 1:
                return chr(id)
            elif col == 2:
                return "0x{0:04x}".format(id)
            elif col == 3:
                if id in html.entities.codepoint2name:
                    return "&{0};".format(html.entities.codepoint2name[id])
            elif col == 4:
                return unicodedata.name(chr(id), '').title()
        if role == Qt.BackgroundColorRole:
            if index.column() == 0:
                return QColor(Qt.lightGray)
        if role == Qt.TextColorRole:
            char = chr(id)
            if self.__isDigit(char):
                return QColor(Qt.darkBlue)
            elif self.__isLetter(char):
                return QColor(Qt.darkGreen)
            elif self.__isMark(char):
                return QColor(Qt.darkRed)
            elif self.__isSymbol(char):
                return QColor(Qt.black)
            elif self.__isPunct(char):
                return QColor(Qt.darkMagenta)
                return QColor(Qt.darkGray)
        if role == Qt.TextAlignmentRole:
            if index.column() in [0, 1, 3]:
                return Qt.AlignHCenter
        return None
    def columnCount(self, parent):
        Public method to get the number of columns of the model.
        @param parent parent index (QModelIndex)
        @return number of columns (integer)
        if parent.column() > 0:
            return 0
            return len(self.__headerData)
    def rowCount(self, parent):
        Public method to get the number of rows of the model.
        @param parent parent index (QModelIndex)
        @return number of columns (integer)
        if parent.isValid():
            return 0
            first, last = self.__tables[self.__currentTableIndex][:2]
            return last - first + 1
    def __isDigit(self, char):
        Private method to check, if a character is a digit.
        @param char character to test (one character string)
        @return flag indicating a digit (boolean)
        return unicodedata.category(char) == "Nd"
    def __isLetter(self, char):
        Private method to check, if a character is a letter.
        @param char character to test (one character string)
        @return flag indicating a letter (boolean)
        return unicodedata.category(char) in ["Lu", "Ll", "Lt", "Lm", "Lo"]
    def __isMark(self, char):
        Private method to check, if a character is a mark character.
        @param char character to test (one character string)
        @return flag indicating a mark character (boolean)
        return unicodedata.category(char) in ["Mn", "Mc", "Me"]
    def __isSymbol(self, char):
        Private method to check, if a character is a symbol.
        @param char character to test (one character string)
        @return flag indicating a symbol (boolean)
        return unicodedata.category(char) in ["Sm", "Sc", "Sk", "So"]
    def __isPunct(self, char):
        Private method to check, if a character is a punctuation character.
        @param char character to test (one character string)
        @return flag indicating a punctuation character (boolean)
        return unicodedata.category(char) in ["Pc", "Pd", "Ps", "Pe", "Pi", "Pf", "Po"]

class SymbolsWidget(QWidget, Ui_SymbolsWidget):
    Class implementing a widget to select a symbol in various formats.
    @signal insertSymbol(str) emitted after the user has selected a symbol
    insertSymbol = pyqtSignal(str)
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        @param parent reference to the parent widget (QWidget)
        self.__model = SymbolsModel(self)
        fm = self.fontMetrics()
        em = fm.width("M")
        self.symbolsTable.horizontalHeader().resizeSection(0, em * 5)
        self.symbolsTable.horizontalHeader().resizeSection(1, em * 5)
        self.symbolsTable.horizontalHeader().resizeSection(2, em * 6)
        self.symbolsTable.horizontalHeader().resizeSection(3, em * 8)
        self.symbolsTable.horizontalHeader().resizeSection(4, em * 85)
        self.symbolsTable.verticalHeader().setDefaultSectionSize(fm.height() + 4)
        tableIndex = int(Preferences.Prefs.settings.value("Symbols/CurrentTable", 1))
        index = self.__model.index(
            int(Preferences.Prefs.settings.value("Symbols/Top", 0)),
        self.symbolsTable.scrollTo(index, QAbstractItemView.PositionAtTop)
            QItemSelectionModel.SelectCurrent | QItemSelectionModel.Rows)
    def on_symbolsTable_activated(self, index):
        Private slot to signal the selection of a symbol.
        @param index index of the selected symbol (QModelIndex)
        txt = self.__model.data(index)
        if txt:
    def on_symbolSpinBox_editingFinished(self):
        Private slot to move the table to the entered symbol id.
        id = self.symbolSpinBox.value()
        first, last = self.__model.getTableBoundaries(self.__model.getTableIndex())
        row = id - first
            self.__model.index(row, 0), QAbstractItemView.PositionAtCenter)
    def on_tableCombo_currentIndexChanged(self, index):
        Private slot to select the current character table.
        @param index index of the character table (integer)
        first, last = self.__model.getTableBoundaries(index)
        Preferences.Prefs.settings.setValue("Symbols/CurrentTable", index)
    def __currentRowChanged(self, current, previous):
        Private slot recording the currently selected row.
        @param current current index (QModelIndex)
        @param previous previous current index (QModelIndex)
        Preferences.Prefs.settings.setValue("Symbols/Top", current.row())
            self.__model.data(self.__model.index(current.row(), 0))))

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