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         below mentioned address and tell me your reason. This might give me a hint on
         how to improve eric5.
-        If the required packages (Qt4, QScintilla2, sip and PyQt4) are not installed, 
+        If the required packages (Qt4 or Qt5, QScintilla2, sip and PyQt4) are not installed, 
         please get them and install them in the following order (order is important).
-            1. Install Qt4 (from Nokia)
+            1. Install Qt4 or Qt5 (from Nokia)
             2. Build and install QScintilla2 (from Riverbank Computing)
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                 This is part of the standard Python distribution and is used to profile
                 Python source code.
-            cyclops 
-                This is a tool to detect variable cycles which can cause the garbage
-                collector being unable to do his job.
     Interfaces to additional software packages via plugins

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