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 <td><a href="#getRealName">getRealName</a></td>
 <td>Function to get the real name of the user.</td>
+<td><a href="#getSysPath">getSysPath</a></td>
+<td>Module function to get the Python path (sys.path) of a specific interpreter.</td>
 <td><a href="#getTestFileName">getTestFileName</a></td>
 <td>Function to build the filename of a unittest file.</td>
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 <div align="right"><a href="#top">Up</a></div>
 <hr /><hr />
+<a NAME="getSysPath" ID="getSysPath"></a>
+    Module function to get the Python path (sys.path) of a specific
+    interpreter.
+<dt><i>interpreter</i> (str)</dt>
+Python interpreter executable to get sys.path for
+list containing sys.path of the interpreter; an empty list
+        is returned, if the interpreter is the one used to run eric itself
+<dt>Return Type:</dt>
+list of str
+<div align="right"><a href="#top">Up</a></div>
+<hr /><hr />
 <a NAME="getTestFileName" ID="getTestFileName"></a>

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