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--- a/Plugins/	Sat Apr 21 17:11:05 2018 +0200
+++ b/Plugins/	Sat Apr 21 17:43:41 2018 +0200
@@ -161,14 +161,19 @@
         Public method to prepare a style check on one Python source file.
         @param lang language of the file or None to determine by internal
-            algorithm (str or None)
-        @param filename source filename (string)
-        @param source string containing the code to check (string)
+            algorithm
+        @type str or None
+        @param filename source filename
+        @type str
+        @param source string containing the code to check
+        @type str
         @param args arguments used by the codeStyleCheck function (list of
-            excludeMessages (str), includeMessages (str), repeatMessages
-            (bool), fixCodes (str), noFixCodes (str), fixIssues (bool),
-            maxLineLength (int), hangClosing (bool), docType (str), errors
-            (list of str), eol (str), encoding (str))
+            excludeMessages, includeMessages, repeatMessages, fixCodes,
+            noFixCodes, fixIssues, maxLineLength, blankLines, hangClosing,
+            docType, codeComplexityArgs, miscellaneousArgs, errors, eol,
+            encoding, backup)
+        @type list of (str, str, bool, str, str, bool, int, list of (int, int),
+            bool, str, dict, dict, list of str, str, str, bool)
         if lang is None:
             lang = 'Python{0}'.format(determinePythonVersion(filename, source))
@@ -185,6 +190,7 @@
         @param argumentsList list of arguments tuples with each tuple
             containing filename, source and args as given in styleCheck()
+        @type list of tuple of (str, str, list)
         data = {
             "Python2": [],

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