Updated Russian translations. eric7 tip

Translator eric7

Improved the install script with respect to API files installation. eric7

API files eric7

Modified ModuleParser to deal with Python stub files (*.pyi) as well. eric7

Added some TODO markers. eric7

Improved the 'Add Files' and 'Add Directory' context menu actions of the Others project browser. eric7

Changed the handling of 'installed API files' a little bit. eric7

Forgot to make the progress bar of the formatting dialog visible again. eric7

Adjusted the list of Python standard library modules in the substyle definitions. eric7

Corrected a code style issue. eric7

Project eric7

Changed the install script to only install the qt6-applications package if requested explicitly (--with-tools). eric7

Added a read-me file for installing eric on a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. eric7

Added a read-me file for installing eric on a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. eric7

Corrected some statements of the ChromeOS read-me file. eric7

Updated source docu and refined the support for the QWebEnginePage.fileSystemAccessRequested signal. eric7

Updated translations. eric7

Web Browser eric7

Merged with changes done on my Raspberry Pi 4. eric7

Changed the multiprocessing start method to 'spawn' because 'fork' (on *nix) seems to be unreliable with respect to queues. eric7

Improved the install script to create some more non-existing directories and deal with permission errors. eric7

Improved the post install script to create some more non-existing directories. eric7

Extended the way the Qt executables are searched for. eric7

Code Formatting eric7

Corrected another oversight in the 'Black' configuration dialog. eric7

Optimized the 'Black' configuration dialog a little bit. eric7

Improved the display of the 'Target Versions' list of the 'Black' configuration dialog. eric7

Updated the words list of the substyles for 'Standard Library Modules' and 'PyQt5/PyQt6 Modules'. eric7

Modified the versions dialog to show a clearer update info. eric7

Regenerated the source documentation. eric7

Code Formatting eric7

Reformatted the source code. eric7

Syntax and Code Style checkers eric7

Corrected the determination of the PyQt tools path to consider the configured virtual environments. eric7

Editor, Mini Editor eric7

Shell.py eric7

Changed the logic of the 'Toggle Comment' action to respect the current selection and only operate on the current line or comment block, if there is no selection present. eric7

Performed some refactoring in the breakpoint and watchpoint models. eric7

Restart the background client after each batch job to (hopefully) get rid of an observed performance issue. eric7

Fixed some code style issues detected by the new checks. eric7

Code Style Checker eric7

Fixed a little issue determining the path to the Qt documentation for Qt5 causing the path for Qt6 being returned. eric7

Code Style Checker eric7

Set some security considerations to 'ok'. eric7

Project eric7

Corrected the shown size of the path picker dialog. eric7

Corrected a little omission. eric7

Python Debugger eric7

Fixed a bug in the context menu of the tabview manager preventing the possibility to Start Python scripts without a file extension. eric7

Added some more patterns to the .hgignore and .gitignore generator. eric7

Refactored some code in BackgroundService.py. eric7

Added some What's This? help text in the various 'Start ...' dialogs. eric7

Little change to the code to make an 'if' statement clearer. eric7

install scripts eric7

Testing eric7

Modified .hgignore file. eric7

Testing eric7

pip Interface eric7

Corrected an issue causing the pip dependency tree and the pip licenses dialogs to not show anything on Windows. eric7

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