MicroPython eric7 tip

Fixed an issue in the MicroPython widget. eric7

MicroPython eric7

Updated Russian translations. eric7

Modified the 'gitCreateIgnoreFile()' and 'hgCreateIgnoreFile()' methods to support PEP 582 (i.e. '__pypackages__'). eric7

Corrected a Qt 6.2 incompatibility by replacing 'hasCaptured()' with 'captured()'. The former is only available in Qt 6.3 and newer. eric7

Changed the install script to do parallel source code compilation. eric7

Updated change log file. eric7

Updated source documentation. eric7

Updated translations. eric7

Moved development to the main branch. pdf_viewer

Merged with branch 'pdf_viewer' to start next development phase. eric7

Created global tag <release-23.02>. eric7-maintenance

Merged with branch 'eric7' in order to prepare the 23.2 release. eric7-maintenance release-23.02

Released Spanish translations update. eric7

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